Washington DC Metro Area

Roots of Attachment
Early Bonding and Attachment Coaching
with Beth Root


Coaching for Parents and Infant-Toddler Caregivers

Evidence Based Practices for supporting Heathy development

  • Building adult-child relationships based on trust, safety and security
  • Supporting healthy brain development and neural connections
  • Recognizing and resolving developmental concerns
  • Leaning to give and receive communication cues between you and your baby
  • Developing comfortable transitions to and from child care
  • Taking care of yourself while you take care of your new baby 
  • All around support and guidance for the new parent

Parent Coaching


Develop meaningful, authentic parenting practices that  support feeding, sleeping and daily care that foster early brain development, loving connection and secure attachment.

Sessions delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Caregiver Training


Develop secure attachments with the children in your care as a responsive and deliberate caregiver. Learn to support babies and parents with evidence based practices that sustain healthy development.

Individual or staff development training available.

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