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Supported Care

There is a beautiful truth spoken about parenting by the character Emma in the movie, Terms of Endearment, "As hard as you think it is, you end up wishing it were that easy." 

Today's parent is busier than ever and our culture demands more than is humanly possible. Mothers are returning to work before they have had time to recover from birth and are placing their precious bundle (s) in the hands of caregivers they may barely know. Stress and insecurity are considered part of modern day parenting at a time when we know more about the effects of stress on the developing child than anytime in history.

Parenting and care-giving will always present challenges but knowing how to stay connected through those challenges is the key to successful parenting. 

Learning techniques to stay aware, stay present and stay connected can make all the difference for your budding family. Learn how respond to your baby's bids for engagement and meet her true needs with an authentic response that sets the foundation for long lasting relationship.


Today's parent is stretched further than ever before. Parents are expected to do more in less time, have more with less resources and achieve parenting success through use of our smart phones. But authentic parenting  cannot be found on an app, it is discovered in human connection.

In the first three years of life children develop 80% of their brain; by age five, 90% of their brain. Experiences of support, security and trusting connection are vital for a baby's growing nervous system and set patterns of attachment for a life time. 


Learn what is needed to make the most of important daily parenting interactions. Learn to read your baby's cues for meeting her needs and developing trust. Learn how to support your own nervous system so you can co-regulate your child's developing nervous system, a vital key for relationship.


Babies work hard to communicate their needs to their caregivers. They need us to know how to read their cues and listen with our whole being. Since children don't come with a manual, this takes some effort on our part. Learning to read cues, tune in and pay attention to their body language and in turn respectfully engage with your whole being. Missing important cues can create a break down in relationship and cause stress in your baby, leading to dysregulation and a cascade of emotional and physical responses. Similar to adult relationships, babies need to communicate effectively; engage in a "serve and return" volley of inter-relating.

Beth supports parents to be present with themselves, creating a greater capacity for connection with their child. 


With Beth's support, parents can  learn their child's language, understand behavior from a developmental perspective and create a foundation of nurturing relationship that leads to whole child development.

Be the Parent you want to be

Coaching sessions often start in the home or classroom. The place you can relax into real life learning. Sessions are not about finding what's wrong but building on your own unique capacities for it feeling right. Beth supports your innate ability to find connection with your baby or young child for genuine nurturing.